Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just Read - Copra Compendium #1 & 2 by Michel Fiffe

A little over a month ago I reviewed Copra #6-8 by MichelFiffe. After reading them I felt like I came in, in the middle of an awesome series that I had to read from the beginning to fully understand the story. But issues #1-5 were sold out. Then I found out about the Compendiums #1 & 2, which collected the first 6 issues (3 issue  in each.)  So I ordered them and have been waiting patiently to read them.

I think reading this series from the beginning answered many of the story questions that I had after reading those later 3 issues. I gained a better understanding of who the characters are, where they came from and why some of them are part of Copra. I found out what that shard of metal in issue 6 was and where it came from.

Yet for each question these books answered another 2 or 3 took it’s place. I’m still a little confused about the bad guys. Just who are they and why are they fighting against Copra. I want to read more and find out more. Fiffe cannot create issues fast enough.

What I really got out of these issues is the passion that went into creating them. And the love for comics that Michel Fiffe has. I can feel the blood and sweat that went into each and every page as I read them. Fiffe’s artwork is amazing and his storytelling is a thing of beauty. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, well times and great choreography.

If I had to give you the Hollywood pitch for these book, I would still have to go with the Suicide Squad mixed with a generous helping of Doom Patrol and Doctor Strange mixed in for good measure. If you have ever been a fan of any of those books, I think you would really enjoy Copra. I know I’m hooked and cannot wait until issue #10 shows up in my Po Box.

The Copra Compendiums are published by Bergen Street ComicPress and are super thick books. Well worth the price tags on them. I think there are still in stock, but I would not sleep on them because they will be gone before you know it.

-Denny Riccelli creates comics under the pen name ‘dennmann’ he currently publishes the webcomic Cousin Harold and some mini-comics now and then, including Jenny Spookawski Ghost Girl. He lives in Peoria, Arizona with his wife and 2 kids.

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