Sunday, August 11, 2013



Bygone is a thrice-per-year, self-published conglomeration of projects I’ve been working on but haven’t had a place to gather it all together. Bygone is that place!AND ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE FORLORN FUNNIES STORE.
What’s inside? Some of the contents will be from upcoming projects, projects that fell through the cracks, discussions of various processes, and interviews with nonexistent people. There will be scripts, short stories, gags, enlarged arms, and links to secret things you otherwise won’t get to see. Probably there’s a fart joke in there somewhere. Maybe a philosopher or two.
Each issue will be 64 pages, perfect bound, full color. You can pick them up for $15 each or buy a year’s subscription for $40 (SAVINGS!). Head to the store to pre-order now! Issue 1 will be out in September, making its debut at SPX.
Every copy will be signed and doodled in, so think about what fake name you want written in there (so your mom doesn’t know it’s you’re into weird shit).
Bygone will be published in VERY small print runs, and once each issue is out of print, it’s gone. Sorry. Need a hug?
So pre-order, subscribe, but do it now. Before that other guy gets it. Herman. What’s his deal anyway?

I ordered a Subscription - Big Fan of Paul Hornschemeier - denny!

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